Church launches its new services with a car wash

CHURCH members in Bognor Regis launched their new services by paying motorists to have their cars washed.

The 50p sponge and warm water session saw almost 200 drivers take the chance to have their vehicles buffed up by those who belong to Grace Church.

The drivers were given free cups of tea of coffee and received 50p when they went to pay the expected charge.

The vehicles cleaned during the two days ranged in size from a Mini to a fire tender.

Steve Petch, the lead elder of Grace Church, said: “Most people think of God as cruel, unloving or uninterested and the church is simply after your money.

“We wanted a simple way to demonstrate that God isn’t like that and we came up with the 50p car wash idea.”

Other church members, some in fancy dress, were in the High Street at the same time giving away free ice creams, helium balloons and applying face paints and temporary tattoos.

“We just want the people of Bognor to know God is loving and fun and that He cares for them,” said Steve.

Grace Church has started meeting at 11am on Sundays in the John Parry meeting rooms at the Bognor Regis campus of the University of Chichester after being established in Chichester for eight years.

Several hundred people attend the Chichester services of the modern-style Christian church after the initial turnouts of ten.