Church holds service upon Elmer beach

WORSHIPPERS gathered on the Elmer beach for a special service.

Early morning rain cleared to enable some 22 members of the open air congregration to enjoy the occasion hosted by St Nicholas Church, in Middleton, on Sunday.

The centenary of the first world war was commemorated, giving thanks for all those who had served on land, sea, and air.

A major aspect was the work of the Norman Thompson aircraft company, which built airplanes for the war on the site that became the New City holiday camp and is now the Saxon Reach estate and test flew them on the beach.

The vicar, Fr William Marston, said: “There was some thing special about meeting on the beach to commemorate, and give thanks for, significant and important aspects of our local and national history.”

He thanked David Garn and others for supplying historical facts for the event.