Chichester jewellers offer chance to wear history

Chichester-based CRED showcased the first Fairtrade and Fairmined silver in their silver pendant.
Chichester-based CRED showcased the first Fairtrade and Fairmined silver in their silver pendant.

IT’S not every day you can say you are wearing a piece of Fairtrade history.

But now the public have a chance to snap up unique silver pendants showcasing the world’s first fairtrade silver.

Pioneers of fairtrade jewellery, CRED, have marked the milestone in ethical jewellery history by launching the world’s first Fairtrade and Fairmined silver.

And the Chichester-based jewellers have created a silver pendant to commemorate the milestone.

The limited edition silver ingot pendant was launched last month to run alongside Fairtrade Fortnight.

“It is so exciting to have silver now join gold in this certification, made possible through the increasing demand from consumers for ethical metals,” said Alan Frampton, director of CRED.

The limited edition design has been created from the first batch of certified silver which was discovered in Sotrami, Peru.

The sought-after pendant is also engraved with impressions of the hallmark stamps for silver and CRED along with the Fairtrade and Fairmined hallmarks.

CRED also worked tirelessly to see the first piece of gold jewellery hallmarked with the Fairtrade and Fairmined stamp.

The fairtrade gold was showcased on the red carpet at the Oscars in 2011 by Livia Firth, creative director of Eco-age.

This milestone marked ten years of pioneering work undertaken by CRED to bring fairly-traded gold directly from the miners to the consumer.

It is hoped that through CRED’s launch of the silver, which is a more popular and affordable choice of jewellery, it will give more people the opportunity to wear Fairtrade and Fairmined jewellery.

The limited edition pendants have already taken the jewellery market by storm, with many keen to get their hands on fairtrade silver.

Mr Frampton added: “Jewellers from all over the UK and Europe are lining up for supplies of the certified silver. Silver is very popular at the moment as the metal cost is 50 times cheaper than gold, this makes it a popular choice for both retailers and consumers.

“Having silver which is certified Fairtrade and Fairmined makes it the purest quality metal in the market. Traceability and transparency are the buzz words in the jewellery industry, and CRED are leading the way.”

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