Chichester Garden Centre launches an apprentice scheme

CHICHESTER Garden Centre has launched an apprenticeship programme to assist young people from across the area.

The garden centre on Bognor Road is offering the scheme to people aged 16 and above.

Matt Barnsdale, manager of Chichester Garden Centre, said: “We are delighted to be launching an apprenticeship programme at the garden centre.

“The scheme is the first of its kind for the horticultural industry and is a great opportunity for people to gain employment, particularly during the current economic climate.

“The apprenticeship will combine a blended learning approach with full integration into the garden centre. Knowledge-based learning is set to be available online, while college-based classes, which will take place at selected horticultural colleges, will develop the apprentices’ practical skills. These will then be put into practice in the workplace.

“We are recruiting individuals for our July to September intake.”

The closing date for registrations is Tuesday, July 31. All apprentices who successfully complete the programme will receive a work-based Diploma in Horticulture. Email