Chichester dad fundraises for Canine Partners

A FATHER of four will take on a 950-mile cycle ride for Canine Partners, after one of the charity’s furry friends changed his family’s life.

Gavin Hill, 44, from Chichester, will be taking part in the Ride Across Britain from today (September 6), from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

His wife Jo was paired with canine partner Derby last year and Gavin is keen to give something back to the charity that has helped change Jo’s life.

Jo was crushed between two cars in a school car park in 2006 and has been left with nerve damage which means she has very limited mobility. She is reliant upon a wheelchair.

Gavin said: “For someone who is so independent and really does not want to be reliant on others, Derby is life-changing. He can get things Jo cannot reach, take washing in and out of the machine and a list of other crucial tasks that make Jo feel she can do more for and with us all.

“While Jo still needs a lot of help and support, having Derby means she can do much more and is less reliant upon carers and us, her family; it was the children who first verbalised how amazing it is not to worry about mummy so much when they are not with her.

“I am training hard as I am determined to finish well for Jo, the children, Derby and Canine Partners.”

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