Changes will be made to bus services

BUS passengers face changes on routes around Bognor Regis and Chichester.

Some Stagecoach services are changing from August 31.

The 6.40am weekday service on the 60 from Bognor to Chichester and Midhurst is being retimed to start at 6.30am and will keep the new time on its journey to help punctuality. There will also be a relief operating between Chichester and Midhurst.

A spokesman said: “The three evening journeys from Elmer at 6.40pm, 7.40pm and 8.40pm are all going to run slightly later, five minutes later from Bognor High Street, to provide a connection with service 700 in the High Street.”

The 7.10pm from Midhurst will run at 7.05pm and the 8.10pm will start at 8.15pm and run five minutes later throughout.

Service 55 between Chichester and Tangmere is being rerouted and retimed for a one-way loop around the city centre.

The 56 from Old Bosham to Arundel Park will run at a slightly-reduced frequency to allow for recovery time at Bosham. Service 47/47A, which runs from Chichester to Parklands, will become the 46 and its journeys retimed.