Cancer Research UK shop assistant manager takes on boxing match to raise funds

Denise at her weigh in, faced with her opponent
Denise at her weigh in, faced with her opponent

An assistant manager of a charity shop has swapped her label gun for boxing gloves in a bid to fight back at Cancer.

Assistant manager of the Cancer Research UK shop in Midhurst, Denise Heppell, took to the ring on Saturday at an Ultra White Collar Boxing event which took place at Westgate Leisure Centre.

After eight weeks of intense training, various fundraising activities and medical examinations, Denise stepped into the ring and gave it everything she had for all three rounds.

With more than 500 people filling the centre’s sports hall to watch each tough fight, Denise proudly walked away from the match with a draw.

Denise said: “The night was amazing but at one point my nerves got better of me and I did not think I could do this and was ready to walk off but I had my amazing coach, Luke Keogh, in my corner without him I could have not gone through with it.”

“I had a great evening despite feel bit bruised and I have already signed up for the next event in November, I want to say such a big thank you to everyone for supporting me especially the Bricklayers Arms in Midhurst who kindly sponsored me.”

Despite doubting herself at times it was the support of her friends, family and coach along with the purpose of raising funds for Cancer Research UK that kept her going.

Denise added: “It was one of the hardest things I have done in my life and it took me a lot of courage to do it, but I did. I entered to build my confidence and I am glad I did this fight it was one night and one fight people with cancer battle their fight everyday.”