Campaign begins to deliver news safely in Bognor

SAFETY worries for young people who deliver newspapers across Bognor Regis are being highlighted by environmental health officers.

They have started a campaign to raise awareness about the weight of publications being carried and the condition of bicycles being used to take them to people’s homes.

Cllr Paul Dendle, who is in charge of Arun District Council’s environmental services, said: “While we want to encourage young people who want to work, we do not want to see them carrying excessive weights of newspapers on their bicycles or in their sacks.”

Measures such as lights on bikes and wearing crash helmets will cut the risks.

Steve Pope, Arun District Council’s senior health and safety officer, said: “Employers do not often realise that there are bylaws in place relating to the employment of children.”

A newspaper delivery information pack for newsagents, parents and schools is available from the council.