Calls to talk about parking

A BID for changes to parking rules in a main business area has been made.

Councillors want a review to be carried out of double yellow lines along Durban Road, Bognor Regis.

Cllr Paul Wells (LD) said it was important businesses based there were asked their views before the existing lines were renewed as part of wider resurfacing works.

“We should consult the businesses there to see what their parking needs are. It’s been a changed environment over a number of years.

“It’s gone down and come back up and new businesses have come in,” he told the joint western Arun area committee last week.

Cllr Adam Cunard (Ind) said: “There are a lot more cottage industries there and they need parking spaces. Let’s talk to them before we slap down double yellow lines.” The need for changes had been shown in a Bersted Parish Council survey, he said.

Cllr Francis Oppler (LD) said: “It would be the worst thing in the world if we took action we thought was right but it did the businesses down.”