Call for public to see paving plans

A ‘PROPER’ consultation into planned improvements for Bognor Regis has been called for after claims the works could ‘stand out like a sore thumb’.

Hugh Coster, vice-chairman of the Bognor Regis Civic Society, has asked for plans for new paving outside the town’s railway station to be sent back to the drawing board.

He told members of the joint western Arun area committee last Wednesday a ‘tiny tiny conceptual picture’ did not show what was going to be done in the Station Square.

“The only thing that has been shown was a long time ago and majored on London Road,” he said. “We saw a tiny, tiny conceptual picture of the station square which showed no indication of what is going to be done.”

He warned the new paving would not compliment its surroundings.

Mr Coster said: “We are going to have a complete mismatch of white paving in place of the red-and-charcoal paving that matches the rest of the paving on the other four corners of that junction.

“The whole thing was designed as a whole yet what is going to be done is going to stand out like a sore thumb.

“We have not been shown a proper plan and I think we should be shown one before it goes any further.”

Committee member Adam Cunard said he voiced his concerns about the plans during the public consultation on the London Road improvements.

“I said I didn’t like it and I thought there were a number of issues,” he said.

“I was told quite clearly by the officer they weren’t properly consulting and these were just conceptual drawings and if it came to it there would be a proper choice.”

Karl Roberts, Arun’s assistant director for planning and economic regeneration, said works were progressing in-line with the conceptual drawing.

“We consulted the public on the conceptual scheme and the tender document is in accordance,” he said, adding he would look into whether the documents could be published online.