Calendar will help to protect Pagham

Emma Bailey launches the Pagham Calendar.14LAAUG23b-4 PPP-140825-082201006
Emma Bailey launches the Pagham Calendar.14LAAUG23b-4 PPP-140825-082201006

A CALENDAR of the past is being used to give Pagham a future.

The annual stationery has gone on sale to bolster the sea defence funds for the area.

Supporter Emma Bailey sold 50 copies at the calendar’s launch a fun day organised by Pagham Action Group on August 23.

The calendar contains historic views of Pagham compared to the current scene.

Emma, 42, of Viscount Drive, said: “My great-grandfather was the first to put bungalows on the beach. My family have owned one there ever since.

“My father grew up there. The problems the beach is having at the moment are important to me because I’ve got such a strong family connection to the area.

“I thought the calendar might be something everyone would like to buy. The response has been fantastic.”

The calendar’s historic views come from her family’s 
collection. The calendar costs £7 
or five for £30. Profits will go towards the £750,000 the community has to raise to achieve its favoured coast protection option of cutting a channel in the growing Church Norton Spit.

The spit has altered the shape of Pagham Harbour’s mouth and is channelling the tides to scour Pagham Beach to six metres in front of three bungalows on 
West Front Road in a storm earlier this month.

The calendar’s success came at an event attended by some 1,000 visitors to Pagham village hall and field. Several stalls closed early because they sold out.

The enthusiasm at the event followed a similarly popular 
day held by the action group 
last March.

Secretary Fiona Huntley 
said: “Pagham has done its 
bit today. There has been a real buzz. A few people have also 
got a better understanding about the problem.

“It has shown the whole of Pagham supports us, which is really important. It has lifted us up rather than feeling we are a voice in the wilderness.”