Butlin’s car park plan prompts concerns from nearby residents

Before and after views from the Butlin's plans
Before and after views from the Butlin's plans

Butlin’s resort director has attempted to ease concerns following the unveiling of its improvements plan.

Residents of Sea Road/Snook’s Corner, adjacent to the site, are claiming a new 800 space car park - included as part of the work - will cause noise and pollution issues as well as risk devaluing homes.

In a collective statement, the residents have also said many weren’t invited to the presentation on the changes (planning ref BR/240/16/PL), held on September 20.

Jeremy Pardey, resort director, contested this and said: “The letter was distributed according to the legislation and location area agreed with Arun District Council. However, I have facilitated another meeting on October 20, as we had residents say they couldn’t come to the other one.”

The residents added the car park will be ‘less than 50 metres away’ from some front doors and that the proposed ‘mesh and vines’ would not be enough to block out the noise.

Mr Pardey again countered this and concerns about pollution, adding it was his belief the work would see both reduced in comparison to its existing use as a staff car park. He said: “Guests very rarely move their cars, as we know they tend to spend their time here or walking to the seafront and into town.”

The timing of the planning application being submitted has also ‘incensed’ the residents who claim they were told it wouldn’t be submitted until January.

In fact, notices have gone up stating objections were due by October 27.

The residents insisted this ‘does not give the residents of Felpham village enough time to object’.

Mr Pardey stated ‘I don’t know how the confusion has happened and I can only apologise’, citing this as another reason a second meeting will be held.

He said: “The boards, which were at the presentation and there to be seen, clearly state we would be applying for permission within two weeks of the meeting.”

He insisted residents’ concerns were considered ‘throughout the whole application’ and getting imagery done of what it will look like was him’. saying I understand - it would be a concern if it was me’.

He also reasoned overlooking a modern building would be better than the current ‘delapidated and run down part of the resort’.