Businesses support town with new shoppers’ guide


INDEPENDENT businesses in Bognor Regis have again combined to promote the town.

A host of locally-owned shops and traders joined together to produce the 2014 Shoppers’ Guide.

This highlights the range of smaller shops which are available in the retailing area as well as the largest number of free car parking spaces available for years.

Paul Wells, who has jointly led the production of the guide, said: “This is a sign of how much the businesses around the town are backing Bognor.

“All but two of the shops which have taken out adverts in the guide are locals. The fact that so few national retailers have joined us is something we need to look at for future years. But it does show how strongly the smaller shops want the town to succeed.”

A big exception to the apathy among the larger names in the town was Butlin’s, he said. The holiday company had willingly provided the funding to pay for 30,000 copies of the guide to be printed.

The latest edition, which was published last week, is the third to be produced.

It highlights 33 retailers, as well as providing details of where to buy the £1 discs to take advantage of the 605 free car parking spaces for two hours in the Fitzleet, Lyon Street and Hothamton sites.

Copies of the guide can be found in shops around the town centre, usually with the discs.