Why Bognor's BrightHouse closure has been welcomed

BrightHouse in London Road is set to close within two months. Picture courtesy of Google
BrightHouse in London Road is set to close within two months. Picture courtesy of Google

Is the BrightHouse closure good news? Here's what you had to say...

Following the news London Road would be losing the rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse in the next two months, readers of the Observer shared their thoughts on its closure.

While many readers said it was a shame for the staff at the store, some called the news 'excellent' and said they would rather another retailer took its place.

Commenting on social media, Charlie Fullers said: "Sad for the employees but good for the people of Bognor in general, BrightHouse has always taken advantage of those at the bottom of the pay scale..."

The store announced that it will close 30 of its stores across the country, making 350 members of staff redundant.

Judith Crisp said: "Said that there is another store closure, but I am please that it is this store. Stores like this on a high street are not good, they encourage people to go seriously into debt, although there are people where stores like this are sadly their only option.

"If stores did no have to pay out so much money in taxes, rates and leases we would have a much higher diversity of individually run and small businesses and chain stores, rather than the big retail giants that every high street has, and of course the usual bounty of charity shops."

Becca Broad said: "I'm sorry some people will lose jobs but glad to see the back of this shop, getting poor people into more debt. Disgusting."

Sarah Williams said: "Don't think I've ever set foot in there since it's opened. Glad it's going."

The closures come after the company reported a £22.1 million pre-tax loss in its last set of accounts and in advance of a looming cap on interest rates in the industry.

Graham Levell said: "Well that was always going to happen. Thankfully the economy doesn't need these types of stores anymore."

A spokesman for BrightHouse: “BrightHouse is proud to offer those on lower incomes a way to get the household goods they need. At this difficult time, our thoughts are for our loyal colleagues and customers in Bognor Regis.”

The nearest stores for customers and any staff that are 'redeployed' are Havant and Worthing.