Taxi fares across Bognor Regis to stay unchanged for now

TAXI fares are being frozen across Bognor Regis.

The same-again charges will apply from April 1.

But Arun district councillors agreed to the drivers’ requests fares could increase if the price of diesel hit £1.50 a litre for two months continuously.

That would see the charges rise by 20p for the first mile to a maximum of £4.40 and 10p on following miles to £2.30.

The £2.50 charge for getting into a taxi would stay the same along with all other charges.

The fares review was backed by the council’s licensing committee last Friday.

Committee member Cllr Tony Squires (Ham) asked for the fare structure to be simplified.

“This has become so complicated. It’s so complex you almost need a lawyer to read it,” he said.

“If I was a customer, I would not be able to see how much I should be paying.

“It needs to be simplified so people can understand their fares.”

Arun head of environmental health Roger Wood said a look at slimming down the tariff would be made at the next review.

But he said the full list of charges was rarely used.

“The reality of life is much simpler. Most people ask how much a journey will be when they get into the car,” he said.

The list of prices includes 20p for carrying a dog and for each piece of luggage in the boot. A range of charges for hirings on bank holidays is also included.