Talks over Morrisons store for Bognor Regis

MORRISONS will be meeting council officials next month to talk about the company’s progress in building a new Bognor Regis store.

The supermarket’s officers will sit down with Arun District Council to discuss the amount of work being carried out on the multi-million pound boost to the town centre.

Nigel Croad, Arun’s corporate resources director, said: “We do know Morrisons have appointed a surveyor to negotiate with the other landowners on which they want to put their store.

“But we don’t know what else they have got to say.

“That’s why we have asked for the further meeting because we want to see where they have got to.”

The council approved Morrisons’ plans for a 32,000sq ft store on its current car park last April.

The building would face the High Street, while parking would replace its current store and the Fitzleet multi-storey car park above it.

Morrisons was given three years to build the new store – almost twice the size of its current outlet – but it could ask the council for more time as April 2014 approaches.

Morrisons has to hold detailed talks with Arun because the council owns the site of the current store and Fitzleet car park.