Sainsbury’s new store for Bognor Regis is starting to take shape

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STEEL frames which will house the new Sainsbury’s store in Bognor Regis have begun to arrive.

The metal structures were being delivered to the Shripney Road site this week. The erection of the frame will start straight away. It marks a major milestone in the return of the retailer to the town after 22 years.

Future customers will be able to see the outline of the store gradually become visible above the hoardings.

Daren Carpenter, Sainsbury’s project manager, said: “We are delighted that the works are progressing well and are on course to provide a new, modern store in Bognor. It will bring hundreds of new full and part-time job opportunities for local people.

“The piling and ground works, which are often the most disruptive part of the construction, are nearing completion.

“We would like to thank local residents for their patience while these works have been undertaken.

“While some disruption is inevitable, our contractor, Longcross Construction, has endeavoured to keep disturbance to an absolute minimum.”

The steel’s arrival means the store remains on course to open this winter. It is likely to welcome its first customers just before Christmas.

The 55,000sq ft outlet is replacing the former Lec Refrigeration factory on one of the major gateways to Bognor.

Whitfield Close resident Peter Fisher said the piling had been disturbing:

“It’s a constant bang, bang, bang. It gets on my nerves happening all the time. It goes on from 8am until 5.30-6pm on weekdays with a stop for lunch.

“I have been able to feel the vibrations through the floorboards.

The home of Mr Fisher, 66, is located the other side of the railway line from from the new store.

He said: “I would have thought in this day and age there was another way to do this work but I’ve been told by Sainsbury’s they have no choice.”

Ring 0845 602 1151 to speak to Sainsbury’s about the work.