Rachel offers cupcakes - with a twist

RUNNING three businesses would seem like a colossal task for most, but not for 26-year-old Rachel Keary.

The Chichester entrepreneur has added a third company to her Razzle Dazzle brand last month: cupcakes, but with a twist.

Rachel already runs dance classes and a promotions firm, but she wanted to try her hand at something new.

She found a love for baking in her limited spare time, but wanted to mix things up a bit and create a new business that really stood out. That’s when the idea for ‘cupcake cuties’ came about.

“I liked the idea of girls serving cupcakes at parties and promotional events, but with a vintage style,” she said.

And the three businesses seem to mix well together – she can employ some of the 200 promotional models from her Razzle Dazzle Promotions firm to serve the cupcakes at events.

“I don’t think I could do it if I was not so organised – it would be chaos. I like to keep busy, people often say you’re doing too much, but I would rather do what I love. I have been in a job where I dread going into work every day, and I love what I do,” she said.

“I teach regular dance classes Monday to Thursday. I do not teach on a Friday as that is my cake-making day. I get some weekends off but I do wedding fairs for my cupcake business and children’s parties or hen parties for the dance side, but I do have other teachers to do the kids’ parties so I can have the weekend off.”

With the added task of cupcake cuties, there is certainly a lot of organising to do. Rachel has several branches of her cupcake brand, the cupcake cuties promotional side, and a service for parties and weddings, meaning she spends a lot of time at wedding fairs and baking for children’s parties.

“I’ve recently done a few wedding fairs and had quite a bit of interest. At weddings especially, people don’t tend to eat the cake but if it’s cupcakes it’s much easier to help yourself,” she said.


Part of the reason Rachel is so successful is her awareness of new ideas, and making sure she is offering something different. And her hard work and determination is clear in her promotions business, which has taken off since its inception in 2011.

For her promotions company, she intended it to be a Chichester-based business, but things have taken off, and she works a lot with London firms.

“We wanted to be a very local company as we regularly see companies such as Goodwood having to get people in from London and spend a fortune on travel expenses. We recognised a need for it in the south. But because there is still a lot of work in London, we end up doing a lot there,” she said.

Rachel has 200 promotions models on her books, from many different areas, including Chichester, Brighton, Southampton, Guildford, 
and London. “We even had a call about work in Yorkshire so we’re looking to get a few people on the books for those sort of areas.”

The promotions work consists mainly of work with corporate companies, and she envisages her Cupcake Cuties brand will go the same way, while still making cupcakes for weddings and parties.

Rachel set up her dance and cheerobics classes in 2008, her promotions firm in 2011 and Razzle Dazzle cupcakes in 2013.

For more information on Rachel’s businesses, visit: www.razzledazzlecheerleading.com www.razzledazzlepromotions.com www.razzledazzlecupcakes.co.uk