New Bognor Regis eaterie ‘is for all’

A new restaurant next to the Bognor Regis cinema will boost the much-loved attraction rather than harm it, its operators have pledged.

Laura Piasta said Papryka would benefit cinema-goers to the Picturedrome.

When the plans for the new business were revealed in the summer, fears were raised it would disturb and deter those going to and from films.

But Laura said she and her co-owner, Kamil Krososki, were determined to run a top-quality business which would appeal to a wide range of customers.

“There will not be any disturbance to anyone else. We are a restaurant and not a pub, and there’s no live music,” she said.

“We have seating for 12 people outside but their area is fenced to separate it from the pavement.

“We’ve had people coming in here saying they welcomed us opening.

“They said it would be really good to be able to park in one place and have a meal and go to the cinema together, like you do at Chichester.

“Some people think this restaurant is just for Polish people. That is completely not true.

“That’s why the marketing is in English and that’s why the restaurant is called Papryka.

“We tried really hard to find a word which is the same in all languages.

“We will be selling international food, with English meals on the menu.

“And we have two waitresses who are fluent in English.”

Laura, 25, and Kamil, 29, have overseen six weeks of work by up to 30 tradesman a day to transform the interior of their new business at the Linden Road junction with Canada Grove.

It had stood empty for well over a year since the former Rick’s Cafe moved out.