Lifestyle feature: Eco-haven in Bosham

Owner Laura Pring  Picture by Louise Adams C140130-2
Owner Laura Pring Picture by Louise Adams C140130-2

A family home with environmental credentials – and it took four days to construct. Is this the future of house-building?

What if you could build an eco-friendly and efficient home in just a matter of days?

Under construction

Under construction

German company Baufritz has helped one couple do just that, by building an eco-home in Bosham.

The construction of the home started on Tuesday, January 28, and the house was standing and water-tight by the Friday.

Owner of the new eco-home, Laura Pring, who currently lives in Chichester, said she was looking forward to moving into the house with her husband and children.

“It was an old house we bought here,” she said. “We were thinking about refurbishing it. For all sorts of reasons, we decided to build a new house, build something with environmental credentials.”

The finished house

The finished house

The couple chose to work with Baufritz, and travelled to Munich to design their new home.

“We chose everything in Germany,” said Mrs Pring. “We were only there for four days.”

She said you have to think of everything, from design to drainage, and light sockets to insulation.

“It is hard choosing everything for a whole house in four days,” said Mrs Pring.

But she said being able to choose the layout of the house was ‘great’.

They could personalise it for the family, with an open-plan living room, as well as a playroom for the children.

And of course they could make sure their house was eco-friendly and cheap to run.

The home runs from solar panels, and is air-tight, which will save the Prings money on heating bills.

Even the walls are insulated with wood shavings, and are made with timber frames.

“They are extraordinarily efficient and cheap to run,” said Steven Harding from Baufritz Homes.

“Like all Baufritz houses, the house has been designed to exceptionally high environmental sustainability standards using a timber frame, and will be built using 100 per cent natural materials as much as possible.”

But another fascinating part of the Baufritz process is the construction of the home. The walls were made in Germany and shipped over to the UK.

“Unlike traditionally-built houses, Baufritz houses are prefabricated in Germany and shipped over to the UK by lorry,” said Mr Harding.

“Once on site, thanks to Baufritz’s exceptional German engineering and prefabricated construction system, houses can be built and made watertight in only a couple of days.”

So this means it’s minimum disruption for the neighbours, and the family can move in as quickly as possible.

It’s the house-building of the future – quick, efficient and completely personalised by the homeowner.

“It’s all decided by the client,” said Mr Harding.

“Once everything had been chosen, the house was prefabricated at Baufritz’s factory before being packaged up, ready for shipping and construction on site.”

For the Prings, they wanted the home to fit in with Bosham.

“The four-bedroom house has a relatively traditional facade facing a quiet residential street,” said Mr Harding.

“The rear elevation, however, like the interiors, is more contemporary and offers a beautiful home that is spacious, state-of-the-art and filled with natural light.”

Mrs Pring said the family hoped to move in this summer, as although the exterior of the house is done and dusted, there will still be work going on inside to create the family’s dream home.

But now the hard bit is over, and Mrs Pring said: “We’re looking forward to being part of the Bosham village.”