Hundreds sign protest letters against North Bersted Tesco

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JUST OVER 200 people have signed letters opposing a new Tesco Express store in North Bersted.

A total of 212 copies of the letter of objection have been gathered at the Premier Homefare store by owner Dean Chudasama.

He delivered a batch of 168 of them to Arun District Council on Wednesday (April 11) after making an initial delivery of 44 the previous week.

The letters are in addition to a petition of 545 names which Mr Chudasama has collected at his Chichester Road shop.

Further petition sheets have been filled at nearby Shop Around The Clock.

He said: “People who are not even customers have been coming in wanting to protest about Tesco.

“Copies of the letter, as well as the petition, will continue to be available until next Thursday’s deadline for comments about Tesco’s plans.”

Bersted Parish Council has also objected to the plans.

Meanwhile, job-seekers have applied for work at the Tesco.

Simon Petar, the firm’s regional corporate affairs manager, said it would be providing a valuable service by converting the Rising Sun pub on Chichester Road.

The outlet is due to open on May 25.

Mr Petar said: “We are proud the store will create approximately 20 new full and part time jobs and we have already received expressions of interest from local residents looking to work for us.”