Hundreds sign petition to support threatened Bognor Regis club

HUNDREDS have backed a Bognor Regis nightclub whose premises licence is under threat.

A 250-name petition supporting Club Lush was presented to Bognor Regis Town Council’s planning and licensing committee on Tuesday (June 19).

It had been asked by Arun District Council to comment on a review of the Sudley Road nightspot’s licence.

The committee decided to lodge no objections.

Committee chairman Pat Dillon said: “When I found out this application was coming to the committee I asked around and I have found there have been no more incidents concerning this nightclub than any other nightclub or local drinking establishment.

“I can therefore only conclude that all pervious problems have been dealt with.”


The town hall meeting was attended by some 40 residents.

The club’s designated premises supervisor, Paul Reynolds, said steps had been taken to ensure safety, including buying a £5,000-plus hi-tech ID scanner.

“We have a strict door policy and people who are too drunk will not be served alcohol,” he said.

“We also operate a yellow card system and people who behave in a disruptive manner while in the club will be asked to leave.

“If anyone asks we will call them a taxi and let people waiting for lifts wait inside to keep any disruption to neighbouring residents to a minimum.

“We just want a place where people can socialise. The atmosphere in the club is very much a family one.”


Chamber of commerce vice-chairman Ian Harding said: “Bognor had seven nightclubs now it only has two.

“If this nightclub was to close down that would only leave one and that is not a very good advert for a holiday resort.”

Bognor business owner Paul Wells said: “It is important for the community and for Bognor Regis another entertainment venue is not lost.

“I feel if this club, which has become a fixture in Sudley Road over many years, was to shut it would be detrimental to the town’s regeneration. We need to work together to solve any issues an establishment like this might have.”