Free fire safety information for West Sussex flat owners

THE Federation of Private Residents Associations (FPRA) is holding session offering essential tips on fire safety in flats.

The event is free of charge for flat owners in West Sussex.

FPRA chairman and Worthing councillor Bob Smytherman will be chairing the event.

“Serious fires in residential buildings such as Lakanal House, Gibson Court, South Lodge and the most recent in Worthing, at a flat in Gratwicke Road, unfortunately testify to how every property manager’s worst nightmare can suddenly become stark reality,” he said.

“Those who have personally witnessed the aftermath of a fire in a residential building will no doubt be able to share the horrific consequences as a warning to others.”

He added: “I would especially recommend this event to any residential management company director who has the fire safety responsibility for their block, whether they use the services of a management company or self-manage, as the legal responsibility is with them regardless.”

The half-day briefing will provide property professionals and leaseholders with essential guidance regarding their responsibilities and liabilities as leaseholders, property managers and landlords of residential blocks.

Attendees will be provided with information including: the law on fire safety in blocks of flats, fire safety risk assessments, practical advice on fire safety measures from West Sussex fire safety officers and managing fire safety claims from an insurance perspective.

The session will be held at the Chatsworth Hotel, in Worthing, on April 28.

Anyone who would like to book a place can visit

The event is free for flat owners and £95 +VAT for professionals.