Felpham customers can still make transactions

BARCLAYS Bank customers will still be able to make some transactions in Felpham.

The closure of the bank’s branch in Felpham Road – the last in the village – has not left them entirely cut off in the village.

Felpham Post Office further south along Felpham Road offers an ATM at which cash withdrawals are free.

Those who bank with Barclays can also pay in cash using their cards and cheques with a paying-in slip.

Postmaster Keith Hellyer said the service was largely unknown.

“The customers can do most of things they did in Barclays here as well.

“The banks never told their customers about it because they always wanted them to use their own branches.

“But customers of quite a few other banks, including Lloyds and the Co-op, can use us as well.”

He installed the Post Office cash machine nearly two years ago after the HSBC opposite closed.

“The use of the machine is growing all the time,” he said. “It’s doubled compared to when I put it in. Hopefully, it will keep on going up.”

Felpham Post Office is open from 9am-5.30pm weekdays, with lunch at 1pm-2pm, apart from 9am-1pm on Wednesdays.

It also open from 9am-12.30pm on Saturdays to make its opening hours longer than the former Barclays.