Barnham store will stay open – owner

STORE owner Scott Stroud has told customers of his Barnham business to ignore rumours of its sale to Tesco.

Mr Stroud said his family had been proud to run the Barnham Trading Post, of which he is a director, for nearly nine years and had no intention of selling it.

The rumours about a Tesco takeover of the popular outlet opposite the railway station have gathered strength in recent months.

Mr Stroud said yesterday said: “This gossip is getting beyond a joke now.

“When it first started, we didn’t take any notice but we were told the other day by a friend that one of their friends had been told by a Tesco manager they were supposed to be taking us over.

“They definitely are not. This has been going on for a year and it’s time it stopped. We’ve no intention of going.

“I had two customers from Worthing ring up on Tuesday to say they wouldn’t be visiting us because they heard we were closing. But we are not shutting.”