Bus could be school’s new play space

A BUS could become a new playground at Aldingbourne Primary School.

The former London double-decker is being considered to add a play and group space within the school’s grounds.

West Sussex County Council’s education officers have applied to its planning department for permission to install the play bus, an Olympian model vehicle.

A statement by Tom Frost, an area surveyor at the council, says the vehicle will be located at the rear of the school. Most of the school is a 1975 building with classrooms, with little shared group or play rooms.

“Teaching and circular changes over the years have highlighted the need for additional teaching, group and play areas,” he states.

“Low funding levels have prevented the school from building extensions on to the school building.

“The school have investigated alternatives and an affordable solution has been the proposal to provide needed space within a converted London bus.”

The bus will be tucked away and hidden from Westergate Street by the school hall roof and at a distance to avoid affecting the nearest houses.