Bring vehicles back to street

VEHICLES should be allowed through Bognor Regis High Street again, a resident has claimed.

Steve Goodheart said a one-way traffic flow should be created through the central road to make it easier for people to shop there.

“I believe there are many benefits that would arise in Bognor from this.” he said. “I believe the system that is there now is detrimental to the town.”

He proposed an east-west flow from the Upper Bognor Road/High Street roundabout, outside Hotham Park, along the seafront to West Street.

Vehicles being driven in the opposite direction would go from West Street to Queensway and up to the Upper Bognor Road.

“This would enhance the vibrancy of the town centre and seafront and improve the experience of people coming into town. It would also stop the town centre looking like a bus station.

“We need a very serious debate about this,” Mr Goodheart told the Joint Western Arun Area Committee.

The current traffic arrangement sees vehicles generally banned from the section of High Street between Sussex Street and Bedford Street.

Only 999 vehicles and buses are supposed to go through.

But vehicles do regularly flout the ban brought in during 1999 to create a more pedestrian friendly area, rather than the previous two-way traffic flow.

Greg Merrett, the county council’s western area principal community officer, said the idea had been rejected several months ago.

“At that time, it was felt the desired option would be to enhance the existing arrangements in the High Street,” he said. Work on that project was progressing.

But he added: “I am very keen to have a conversation as that goes on to ensure you are fully aware of that and your views are considered.”

One of the key principles behind the proposed design for the High Street is to visibly change its appearance in order to influence drivers’ behaviour.

The plans also seek to ensure real time information boards on bus stops to keep passengers informed of the arrival of buses.