Boycott after Bognor B&Q culls pigeons

A FELPHAM woman has pledged to boycott B&Q after it arranged a cull of pigeons in its Bognor Regis store.

Samantha Staniforth said she was upset by the way the DIY retailer had managed the incident at the Shripney Road outlet.

“They need to change their company policy to ensure birds do not get into their stores,” she said.

“It might be they need netting up.”

The 44-year-old went into the store at the start of last week and heard screeching from the rafters.

She was told by a staff member they were baby pigeons which had been left after their parents had been killed by pest controllers.

Ms Staniforth called the RSPCA.

One of its inspectors attended with a fire crew.

They were unable to reach the birds but told B&Q they would be starving to death.

An RSPCA press officer said: “We offered to take the birds to a local wildlife centre if the store were able to get them down.

“B&Q decided to use a pest control company to kill the young birds humanely.”

Ms Staniforth said: “That’s what has really annoyed me. B&Q had the opportunity to have the birds taken away to a rescue centre.

“Instead, they chose to have them killed. It all seems very wrong and very cold.”

A B&Q spokesman said: “We can confirm that pigeons were causing a problem at our store in Bognor and that we engaged pest control to address this.

“We are still managing the situation, having consulted with the RSPCA and the local authority services.”