Books for children aged 3 – 5 years

Great reads for young minds

Books for children aged 3 – 5 years

Shark in the Park By Nick Sharratt

Published by Corgi ISBN 978-0552549776

Another triumph for the award-winning Nick Sharratt, Shark in the Park is a book to delight even tiny children. Come and peep through Timothy Pope’s telescope. What can you see – surely not a shark in the park?! Brightly coloured, full of surprises and great fun, this is one of those ‘again, again!’ books that little children adore. Lily soon had it off by heart but it didn’t deter her in the least from wanting it read to her every night for a fortnight.

Me and You By Anthony Browne

Published by Doubleday ISBN 978-0-385-61489-4

A modern day Goldilocks, this picture book is an unusual mix of styles. Definitely one that grew on us over time, Me and You raises some interesting questions. For instance, when I read it to my little bookworm it prompted a discussion about what it might be like to be cold, tired and hungry.

Turbo Tortoise By Steve Cole

Published by Corgi ISBN 978-0-552-56052-8

A tortoise up a tree? A tortoise up a tree using binoculars? How extraordinary…

TT is the superhero of the vegetable patch, where it’s all kicking off. Boasting brilliantly funny illustrations, TT and his sidekick Karate Crow square up to the slugs and snails in a hilarious romp that caused my junior reader to laugh like the proverbial drain. Quirky, imaginative and simply delightful.

Baby Ruby Bawled By Malaika Rose Stanley

Published by Tamarind books ISBN 978-1-848-53017

A good book for small children who are expecting a new sibling, it’s down to a big brother to know what the crying baby of the title needs to calm her. Singing his new sister to sleep, and succeeding where the grown-ups have failed, Theo needs forty winks himself by the time he has quietened his little sis.

Dinosaur Chase! By Benedict Blathwayt

Published by Red Fox ISBN 978-1-862-30945-6

Poor little Fin the dinosaur. Skinny legs and covered in fluff, the bigger, butcher dinosaurs bully him for being different. But Fin is to have the last and loudest laugh. A book that celebrates being different and shows how sometimes we have to take a leap of faith, the illustrations are Jurassic-tastic! Topped off with facts about dinosaurs and a CD of the story read by Kevin Whately, Dinosaur Chase will appeal to little boys especially.

Ella Moves House By Angela Hassall

Published by Tamarind books ISBN 978-1-848-53006-5

A reassuring book aimed at small children whose parents are settling down with a new partner, Ella Moves House captures and then quells Ella’s fears and worries. Cheerful illustrations complement the positive message of the story.

Morris the Mankiest Monster By Giles Andreae

Published by Picture Corgi ISBN 978-0-552-55935-5

A sweetheart, but oh my! Morris is a scuzzy little soap-dodger. He hasn’t changed his t-shirt in an age, he has spuds growing in his pants and he likes nothing better than having a good pick of his scabs. But look out! Morris loves meeting new chums and he’s on his way to give you a big manky kiss! With fabulous illustrations by Sarah McIntyre children will relish all the grot and grime that Morris has to offer.

The Day the Rains Fell By Ann Faundez

Published by Tamarind books ISBN 978-1-848-53015-7

As Lindiwe and her daughter Thandi try to restore the Earth and its animals to health, this beautiful story is delightfully told. Educational, but gently so, Karin Littlewood’s illustrations are vivid and enthralling. Concludes with some after-story facts about the significance of beads and water pots in Africa.