Bognor students powerful silence pledge raises rights awareness

The Regis School, Bognor SUS-181127-144720001
The Regis School, Bognor SUS-181127-144720001

Students from a Bognor Regis School have taken part in an act of silence to support children’s unheard voices and rights.

To mark the United Nations World Children’s Day on Sunday, November 20, both teachers and pupils at The Regis School took part in ‘We Are Silent’ (a pledge of silence) for children all around the world.

The Regis School students and rights respecting ambassadors SUS-181127-144709001

The Regis School students and rights respecting ambassadors SUS-181127-144709001

The purpose of the day was also to show all students how many children are denied their rights to education, health and safety.

Campaigns like this were all was part of a global campaign organised by the charity ‘We Movement’ that saw thousands of children from across the world stand together in silence.

Such powerful representation of all the students passion and beliefs showed why everywhere in the world must have these rights upheld.

These rights include UNCRC Article 12: Every child’s right to be listened to and taken seriously, Article 19 Every child’s right to protection, Article 29 Every child’s right to an education and Article 24 Every child’s right to the best possible health care.

Student, Logan Rimmer Woods, said: “I took my part in this campaign to portray how important it is for us as students to have a voice about all matters affecting us and to allow other voices to be heard.”

Teachers at the school were impressed by the powerful reponse that students from every year showed towards the matter.

Principal of the Regis School, Mr Mike Garlick, said: “As a Rights Respecting School and one which seeks to deliver an Education with Character, we are proud to uphold the rights of students and in this case specifically Article 12 which states that every child has a right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously.”

For further information on the support various schools and other people offer the ‘We Movement’ visit