Bognor Regis welcomes new town mayor

The new Bognor Regis town mayor Eileen Anderson. C120668-2
The new Bognor Regis town mayor Eileen Anderson. C120668-2

NEW Bognor Regis town mayor Eileen Anderson has a year to remember ahead of her.

She was unanimously chosen as the town’s ambassador at the annual meeting of the town council.

It is her second time as the town mayor and follows her initial 12 months in the role in 2009/10.

Cllr Mrs Anderson said: “This is a wonderful year in which to be the mayor.

“There’s a lot going on for the Diamond Jubilee.

“I’ll be at the Big Lunch in Hotham Park being held by the town council on June 3 and lighting the seafront beacon from a cherry picker at 10pm the next day.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the town.

“Everyone is starting to buzz about it.

“It’s going to be a wonderful time. I just hope it can start the town going forward.”

She added: “The town council is definitely a lot more united than it has been in the past. It’s all about the good of the town and forgetting the politics.

“That’s why I am here. I want to get Bognor sorted out.”

Aside from the jubilee, the town mayor is in as much demand as ever to attend events throughout the year.

“I found it very interesting in my first year,” said Cllr Mrs Anderson. “I learned a lot about different organisations and societies I didn’t realise existed in the town.

“I really enjoyed meeting a variety of people and they really cared about having someone there at their event. I enjoyed doing it.”

Cllr Mrs Anderson, 69, of Wessex Avenue, was elected as a Conservative member of the town council in Marine ward five years ago.

Her deputy town mayor will be Paul Wells. Cllr Wells, a Liberal Democrat member, was elected unopposed.