Bognor health centre could be looking very bright

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A RAINBOW health centre to brighten Bognor Regis town centre is possible.

Designers Will Harvey and Abby Wilkinson want to transform the West Street building from its brutalist concrete slab from the Seventies into an artist’s palette.

Will said they had begun to talk to the relevant authorities to see if their creative proposals could become reality.

“Given that we have got this building, let’s do something with it. We want to paint it, plant it, love it.

“Let’s brighten it up for the people who live around it and the people who use it. Let’s make them feel good about going into it,” said the Felpham resident.

He wants to replace the current grey exterior with an eye-catching array of colours.

“I really hope we can do this. It will send out a signal that Bognor is really willing to take risks,” he said. “Colour stimulates the brain and the imagination. How perfect then that the health centre could be the most colourful building in the town.

“Imagine a building that exudes good feeling with a sensory garden on the roof to excite the senses beyond the visual.

“Imagine that it is an absolute joy to travel up the ramp and enter a sensual, pleasing environment instead of one that permeates doom.”

He said the colour scheme – along with a roof-top garden and wind turbines – would be relatively cheap to achieve.

“These ideas will generate positive results in that users will feel better about the places they use and, ultimately, themselves.

“It would send out a message of postivity instead of the one the people of Bognor have got used to.

“People have got ideas. They have got vision but they need to be heard,” he said.

“People in Bognor have got a little jaded. They are fed up with waiting.”

He hoped a colourful health centre would encourage people to brighten up their homes.