Bognor gym users want to take on business

Mark Haime, left,  and his fellow backers for a new gym
Mark Haime, left, and his fellow backers for a new gym

A GROUP of five gym users want to take over their fitness outlet.

Mark Haime, Jordan Ayers, Callan Swadling, Farheed Khamlichi and Stuart Jones have pooled their knowledge and business experience to produce the business plan for Fitness First.

The gym could be replaced by a store but the group want to take on its lease or open a new gym nearby.

Mark, 29, who runs two businesses, said: “We have got a lot of ideas. We know everything about that gym. We go there every day. It has to be better to have a gym in the town than another bargain store.”

The group has spoken to the site’s landlord, Zurich Assurance, Fitness First and Arun District Council, which is considering the plans.

“The landlord is happy to speak to us once the council has decided on the change of use,” said Mark.

Farheed, 30, said: “There will be nowhere to cope with the number of users who go to Fitness First if it closes.

“It’s not just about keeping fit. People go through socially to meet friends. It’s like a family and it will be false economy if it closes. There will be a big impact on the NHS.”

The group has got the £22,000 needed to fit out a gym and they say their business ideas would make the gym a success. They would invite health and beauty businesses to share the space to provide extra services and provide rental income.

Farheed said: “We will make the gym bigger and more successful. We have so many ideas that will only increase the number of people going there.”

Campaign to keep Fitness First in Bognor