Bognor and Felpham residents asked if they want to pay to park near homes

THOUSANDS of homes and businesses around Bognor Regis are being asked if they want to pay to park.

A letter from West Sussex County Council is being delivered to about 6,000 premises in the town centre and an area of Felpham.

It will ask the occupiers if they have any parking problems and if they want to see proposals to tackle them prepared for further consultation.

The county council is working 
with Alpha Parking on a consultation which includes the option of 
drawing up plans for a residents’ parking scheme.

This means residents, businesses and their visitors get priority to park by paying for a permit to leave their cars in bays along the kerbsides.

Such schemes can prevent obstructions to driveways, cut congestion and improve road safety.

Felpham county councillor George Blampied, the chairman of the 
Joint Western Arun Area Committee, said: “This is a fact-finding 
mission only and we are just asking Bognor and Felpham residents what they think.

“If they have any parking issues in their area, and they would like us to consider measures to deal with this, we will investigate.”

The closing date for comments to the council is August 3.

Support for investigating the proposals further will lead to more detailed public consultation and exhibition early next year. Any changes are likely to be introduced next summer.

Other choices include minor changes to existing restrictions, such as extending yellow lines, or leaving the situation unchanged.