Blocked pipe in Felpham could need action to stop sewage in the sea

A POSSIBLE blocked pipe in Felpham is being investigated.

Southern Water is checking the capacity of the sewer pipe and the need for jetting to clear any possible blockages.

The company is looking into the matter after residents noticed two manhole covers in Limmer Lane, at the end of Wedgwood Road and The Midway, being lifted up by the pressure of rising water during heavy rain.

The latest newsletter from West Felpham Flood Action Assembly says: “We have established that this is not a surface water drain but a foul water sewer.

“During periods of heavy rain and flood, this overflowing effluent passes into the drainage pipe and ditch west of Wedgwood Road, down to Southern Water’s valve station and untreated into the sea.”

The same surcharging is reported to happen at a manhole in Jacken Close on the Summerley Estate.

This is the east end of the same foul water sewer.

Assembly members will be keeping a record when surcharging is reported. This will be use as evidence to justify Southern Water sorting out the problem.

The action comes a year after extensive flooding.