Birdman set to take the plunge in Bognor Regis

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FEARLESS flyers will take a gamble and see if they swoop or plummet as Birdmen once again flock to Bognor Regis.

With the stage, or in this case a 20ft high platform on the town’s pier set, the International Bognor Birdman Rally will return to the town this weekend (July 13 and 14) with a splash.

The competition brings delight to the crowds as with a deep breath and possibly a little pray the would-be flyers launch themselves off the pier and into the sea.

For those who have been brave enough to enter their are three classes to pick from.

Plucky flyers who fancy taking a dip in aid of a good cause enter the Kingfisher class who have become renowned for their weird, wonderful and more often than not wacky attire.

Then you have the Leanardo Da Vinci flyers. This fearless group will this year see veteran flyer David Moore from Connecticut, America once again drop in with his flying machine Fletcher.

The serious contenders those determined to make the 100 meter distance are the Condors. For these flyers it is about soaring as far as possible.

Competition in this class is fierce and last year’s winner Ron Freeman will be back to defend his title. He will be up against Paul Fessi who has proved himself in the past and newcomer Chin-Ping Chen, the Taiwan Birdman champion.

Entrants are invited to a free meet and greet event at Jeneses in Linden Road on Friday and an evening meal at the Robin Hood, in Shripney, the following evening.

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Flyers in the Condor class will be ready to launch an hour before the Kingfishers and Leanardo Da Vinci classes take flight at 12.50pm on Saturday and 1.25pm the following day.

The Kingfishers and Leonardo Da Vinci classes will fly:

Saturday - 1.50pm until 3.50pm

Sunday - 2.25pm until 4.25pm

The prize giving will take place on the pier at 5pm on the Sunday.