Big music night will help pay for Molly’s operation

Nicola Roots and her daughter Molly.14LAAUG29c-2 PPP-140830-100111006
Nicola Roots and her daughter Molly.14LAAUG29c-2 PPP-140830-100111006

A NOSTALGIC musical celebration to help a girl to walk is heading for a sell-out.

The latest Back to the Sixties revival is set to follow the previous events by filling the 500-capacity ballroom at the Riverside Caravan Centre.

The latest February 14 concert is in aid of Molly Roots, four, whose parents are raising £50,000 to pay for her to undergo a major operation in the USA.

Mother Nicola Roots said: “It’s fantastic Back to the Sixties is supporting Molly. My dad plays in one of the bands and asked the organisers if they would help us.

“They said they were delighted to support a local family. The night will also have a raffle for which so many businesses have donated prizes.

“It should be a really good night. It will be the biggest event for us so far. I’ll be there with my husband, Phill.”

As reported, Molly has cerebral palsy. Nicola and Phill hope a selective dorsal rhizotomy operation at the Saint Louis children’s hospital in Missouri will enable her to walk more easily by relieving the spasticity in her legs.

Nicola, 32, of Drake Park, said: “Things are going really well. We’ve just more than £17,000, which is brilliant. We have a successful Christmas fair and it’s all been very busy.

“We are now just waiting for a yes 
for the operation for Molly. We have had 
an MRI scan of her done, which we 
needed to do.

“We’ve got to send that report to America and we are in limbo at the moment. But it is all going to plan. It’s just that these things take time.”

The earliest date for Molly’s operation would be during 2016, said Nicola, who is herself expecting an operation for a kidney transplanted from her father to take place in the coming 12 months.

She said: “I’ve not got a date for it yet but it will definitely be this year.”

Nicola has IgA Nephropathy which damages her kidneys’ filtering function
The prospect of two key operations in a year, and the need to fundraise for Molly’s, was making life very busy, she said.

“It’s difficult to keep focused at times because there is a lot going on. But we are having some amazing support.

“We’ve got a few people running the Bognor Prom 10k for us in May, for which we are grateful,” she said.