Bersted’s hall finally given official name

IT’S taken nearly three decades but Bersted’s original community building has a name.

Parish councillors have unanimously decided the facility, off Chalcraft Lane, should be officially called Bersted Jubilee Hall.

The site has been known by several unofficial titles but the need for a formal identification has been shown by the new Bersted Park Community Centre amid the new housing estate.

Bersted Parish Council’s vice-chairman Martin Lury suggested the new name.

“I’ve always known this as the Jubilee Hall so, perhaps, we should call it the Bersted Jubilee Hall.

“The problem is that people don’t seem to know it’s here.

“I would hate to lose the Jubilee part of the name or the hall part,” he said.

The hall was officially opened on August 10, 1985, by then chairman Harold Huskisson.

The official plaque just describes it as ‘this building’.

Sue O’Connell, deputy parish council clerk, said: “A lot of people when they book the hall ask if it is the Jubilee Hall.”

Cllr Gill Yeates suggested Bersted Jubilee Community Hall as an alternative. “However people search, we want them to find us first,” she said.

Cllr Peter Allsopp said: “Whatever we decide, we should have the name Bersted in the title.”

The brevity of Cllr Lury’s idea proved popular.

He also called on the council, which owns the building 
and surrounding Jubilee 
Playing Fields, to do more to promote them.

Cllr Philippa Seager said: “A tree overhangs the entrance road far too much. It’s hard to find this building.”