Beekeeper called to move swarm in Middleton

The bees being transported to their new home.
The bees being transported to their new home.

A SWARM of bees in the market for a new home checked out a Middleton recreation ground.

Over the jubilee weekend the buzzing insects investigated Larks Field Recreation Ground as a possible place to set up camp.

Arun District Council’s parks team, which manages the green space, called in local beekeeper Ivan Evans, to help find them a more suitable abode for the bees.

Dee Christensen, a senior community parks officer for the authority, said: “The bees were all huddled together around the tree and they had been seen swarming around the recreation ground looking for a new home.

“It was amazing to see them travel into the tree and watch a beekeeper in action.”

Ivan, who was busy fixing some play equipment nearby, tempted the honey bees out of a tree and it is hoped once they have settled into their new home they will start to produce honey.