Battle against housing will continue in villages

THE fight against large-scale housing developments in the five villages will continue.

In the wake of the decision by Arun District Council to approve their draft local plan, including some 2,000 homes for the Barnham and Eastergate areas, a pledge to 
keep campaigning against the decision has been made.

Chairman of Barnham Parish Council David Phillips told those at the village’s annual parish assembly the fight was not over.

Cllr Phillips said: “You will have heard that Arun District Council last week accepted the recommendation of their local plan team to push forward with the A29 realignment and the garden city in the face of all logic, enormous local opposition, the strenuous objections of our local MP (Nick Herbert) and our local district councillors and our residents’ group the Villages Action Group (VAG).

“This is a very high risk strategy for Arun District Council, and this battle is by no means over.

“The local parish councils will be fighting this all the way, so please keep on supporting the efforts to stop this nonsense.”

Cllr Phillips said the move by the district council went against the wishes of local people and the joint neighbourhood plan for Eastergate and Barnham areas.

“The public will have their chance to have their say on the local plan, and I hope they do,” he added.

He said he hoped the neighbourhood plan would help the parishes resist any future large-scale housing schemes.

“In the face of predatory planning and development which threatens to overwhelm this group of villages, this is our strongest defence,” said Cllr Phillips.

The parish council will also support the lobbying work being carried out by VAG and continue to work with other councils.