Barnham PO is moving a short distance

A NEW location has been decided for a post office.

Barnham’s post office will be on the move in March. Its current location at 36 Barnham Road will close at 12.30pm on March 21.

The new branch will open at 1pm on March 23 a short distance away in Barnham Trading Post at 10 Barnham Road.

The change is being made with the present postmaster’s agreement. It is part of a national modernisation programme across the network to make it easier for customers to do business.

Customers will benefit from an extra 20 hours of opening a week from 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday. These are the same hours as the store in which it will be located.

They are earlier opening and later closing times than currently available. The Saturday afternoon and all-day Sunday openings are new as well to give customers more choice when to visit.

Will Russell, the Post Office’s regional network manager, said: “We understand how important having a post office is to residents in Barnham.

“We are confident this new modern branch will meet the needs of the local community and secure services for the future.

“The modernisation is part of a major investment programme, the largest in the history of the Post Office and makes a commitment to no more branch closure programmes.”

The new post pffice will be a modern, open-plan branch where its products and services are provided from two open plan tills at the shop counter instead of from separate screened counters.

As reported, the move was subject to a six-week consultation last year and has been welcomed by the trading post’s owners.