Backers urged to carry on appeal’s success

BALACLAVAS knitted in Bognor Regis are being worn by aircrew in Afghanistan.

The headwear is created by the Knitting Nannies of the town’s RAFA branch to counter the cold faced by servicemen and women, which can be as low as -10C.

It is one of the ways in which the branch is supporting the RAF personnel in the country.

Others include providing magazines, coffee, tea and biscuits for the crewroom in the Fort Bastion camp, as well as treats for the sniffer dogs.

The details were given as the branch in Waterloo Square launched this year’s Wings Appeal. Backers have been urged to continue to make the appeal one of the best.

This year’s target is £30,000, compared to the £28,500 raised last year which made the 
Bognor branch the third most successful in the UK and overseas. Cliff Mewett, the branch’s treasurer, appealed to the supermarkets and companies invited to the launch to follow the example of Morrisons in allowing one or two collections a year.

Branch press officer David Hewings said: “The presentation from key members of the Wings Appeal team illustrated how money raised through the appeal was being spent on the welfare of serving RAF personnel and their families and veterans and their dependents.

“They stressed how much more funds raised through the appeal were needed.”