AUDIO CD REVIEW: Doctor Who: Demon Quest 4 - Starfall, BBC Audio CD.

There’s plenty of wit and there are plenty of appealing characters in the fourth instalment of Doctor Who’s battle against the demon.

Here we are thrown, along with the Doctor, into the heart of New York city, where a simple pretzl seller finds his life about to be transformed as the comic book world starts to take over.

The seller is a great narrator to a tale which unfolds with plenty of humour amid a threat to our very existence.

The seller’s gal, you see, is working reluctantly for a faded old film star who rules the roost with a rod of iron - or so she thinks. Not even a screen diva, however, can stay on top of events when her secretary suddenly turns out to be a superhero soaring over the Manhattan skyline.

Alice’s enjoyment of her new powers is beautifully done; so is film star Mimsy Loyne’s annoyance in another slice of Doctor Who action which bumps along merrily as it engineers yet another confrontation with the Doctor’s nemesis, the shape-changing, human-inhabiting demon who has plagued him throughout the series.

Bright, breezy, fun and entertaining, it all adds up to an hour you’ll enjoy wasting.

Author: Paul Magrs

Reader: Tom Baker and Susan Jameson and Cast

Running Time: 1hrs 0mins

With Tom Baker as the Doctor, Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey, Richard Franklin as Mike Yates, Trevor White as Buddy, Laurel Lefkow as Alice, Lorelei King as Mimsy Loyne, Rupert Holliday Evans as the Cop, and John Chancer as the Cultist, Starfall is the fourth of five linked stories written by the Paul Magrs.

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