Attempted break-in and car crimes

POLICE are investigating an attempted burglary in Aldwick.

Officers were told of the attempted break-in to the home in Fish Lane on October 18. They say it happened about 3am and suspects were trying to get in by smashing a downstairs window.

Officers are continuing to look into the incident.

The previous day, police were told the gloveboxes of two cars parked in Whiteways had been searched.

It is not believed anything was stolen from either vehicle.

The same night there was another report of a break-in to an unattended car. This time the victim told police money that both euros and pounds sterling had been stolen.

Three days earlier, a car was reported stolen from a driveway in Lincoln Avenue.

The thief struck sometime between 9.30am and 10.30am. The car was a blue MG.

Anyone with any information about the above crimes should contact Sussex Police on 101.