Arun waste club goes green for growth

MEMBERSHIP prices for the popular and growing Arun Green Waste Club have been frozen.

The same-again charges for the fortnightly service run by Biffa on behalf of Arun District Council have been joined by a series of improvements based on requests from members.

New features include more efficient ways to pay for membership and the availability of a 12-month rolling subscription to enable members to join during the year and get full value for money.

After a one-off delivery charge, the club’s service costs from £4.85 a month with a monthly direct debit.

Discounts are available for two and three-year subscriptions.

Customers of the club divert garden waste from expensive and unnecessary landfill by putting it in a dedicated brown wheeled bin which is emptied fortnightly.

This is collected by Biffa and taken to the Woodhorn Group composting facility for processing into a range of organic peat-free composts.

The Green Waste Club has grown to more than 11,000 members across the district since it was launched in 2005. They have helped send almost 20,000 tons of garden waste to recycling rather than landfill.

Details are available from the Arun Green Waste Club website or 01903 734520.