Arun publishes report on public toilet cost cuts

Mid Sussex District Council has agreed to contribute the funds over the next 12 months
Mid Sussex District Council has agreed to contribute the funds over the next 12 months

A programme to save £25,000 a year on the maintenance of public toilets across Arun district will go before councillors next year.

Arun District Council has been considering the future of numerous loos in recent months, with several reports being compiled on the subject.

The latest one outlines a ‘well-balanced’ solution between savings and providing a public service, the council said.

Arun has been negotiating with parish councils over their contributions to help keep toilets open, with the likes of Aldwick and Ferring expressing willingness to assist.

At least 59 complaints have been received over the council’s trial of seasonal closures of certain toilets.

Officers’ attempts to secure interest from businesses to join with the council in a community toilet scheme had received ‘very little interest’, meanwhile.

The toilets which are earmarked for closure are ones which are either under-used or there is another facility close by.

The latest proposals are listed below:

Retain and improve: Mill Road, Arundel Bedford St, Esplanade, Regis Centre and Hotham Park, Bognor Regis, Culver Road, Felpham, West Park, West Meads and Avisford Park, Aldwick, Shrubbs Field, Middleton, Ferring Village Green, Ferring, Sandy Road, Pagham, Norfolk Gardens, Coastguards, and St Martin’s Car Park, Littlehampton,West Beach, Clymping

Explore commercial opportunity with retained public conveniences:

Crown Yard, Arundel, Waterloo Square, Bognor Regis, Ferring Rife, Ferring


North St, Wick, Snooks Corner, Felpham, Mewsbrook Park, Littlehampton (on the basis of formal agreement from Freedom Leisure)

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