Arun freezes council tax

ARUN District Council has frozen its share of the council tax bills for third year.

Arun’s leader Gillian Brown said the decision to keep the council’s share of the total bill unchanged for the third year at £161.37 for a band D home showed its commitment to households who were struggling.

She said: “This budget supports all of these three themes especially helping hard pressed residents who need our help. This is why the council will not be putting up its part of the council tax bill.

“This budget also ensures changes in the welfare benefit system do not impact on those who rely on council tax benefit to pay their council tax bills.”

She added: “By confirming that there will be no council tax increase for the coming year shows our commitment to do all we can to help.”

The budget also includes an extra £0.5m to help start what Cllr Mrs Brown described as the ‘vital work’ on regeneration and leisure investment.

Cllr Mrs Brown said: “The immediate future will create economic challenges that Arun must meet. However, we all must be realistic that the public sector generally, and Arun specifically, will not have the funds to do everything.

“We need to be very selective in deciding what we need to be involved with and the level of contributions we can provide.

“The budget will ensure we start the next four years of Arun’s new priorities in a sound position.”