Arts centre plan for Bognor receives support

CREATIVE space supporter Su Cloud met Bognor Regis town councillors for the first time this week

Su gave a presentation about her vision for a community arts centre to the town council’s environment and leisure committee on Monday.

It enabled her to explain the progress so far in achieving her desire to see a centre in Bognor which will allow artists to show their works and others to learn the skills to join them.

She will follow this meeting with a session with the Bognor Regis Regeneration Board on February 1.

The board of company and council representatives plays a key role in the town’s regeneration process though it has no decision-making powers.

The quickening pace reflects the momentum which is gathering behind her proposal through the Community Arts Bognor Regis group she founded.

“There are a lot of doors opening, a lot of positive feeling and a lot of people coming on board for us,” said Su. “There are many different people that want to be involved.

“We are definitely looking at a big vision and what would be a permanent space for people to be able to exhibit and sell their works and to showcase their ability. It will also be a centre to run courses in the arts.”

She wants the facility to be run as a social enterprise with profits reinvested.

The initial location for the centre was the empty booking hall at the town’s railway station. But Su said other possible sites were being considered.

Her next step is to raise the funds to pay for a regeneration specialist to enable the expert to report about the value a community arts centre would bring to Bognor.

That would also enable a five year plan to be compiled to give Community Arts Bognor Regis targets to work towards.

The organisation’s most recent meeting last week attracted a best attendance of 24 people and nine apologies. Its next meeting will be at 7pm on February 13 at The Lodge in Hotham Park.