Army nurse in webchat

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A SPECIALIST nurse from Bognor Regis has appeared in the Army’s first career webTV chat.

Coporal Emily Heney went online last Wednesday to encourage potential recruits to join and take on one of the 17,000 jobs available in the Army and Army Reserves.

Corporal Heney, 26, appeared on the Army Jobs Facebook page. Eight live chats were appearing until tonight. Each night saw two soldiers from a broad range of roles answer questions and given advice about joining the military.

“I had always wanted to be a nurse and was informed at school that I could do this in the Army while also have sporting and other career opportunities.

“Being in the Army gives you so many opportunities and there are plenty of exciting opportunities.

“I’ve gained some fantastic new qualifications and transferable skills, which will prepare me for any challenges that lie ahead, both within and outside my career in the Army,” said Cpl Heney, who joined the Army eight years ago.

Brigadier Andrew Jackson, the director of Army recruiting and training, said: “Recruiting remains one of the Army’s top priorities and, with several hundred roles available in both the Army and the Army Reserves, there is something for everyone.”