Archers mark the Queen’s special weekend

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Archers around Bognor Regis celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a special shoot.

The members of Bognor Regis Archery Club aimed for the red, white and blue on the targets.

Only arrows which landed within those colours of the targets scored any points in the special round of three dozen arrows at 50 yards and two dozen at 40 yards.

Peter Parker, of the club, said: “The club members were encouraged to dress up in the theme of red, white and blue.

Special prizes were awarded for categories such as best costume, highest score and most numbers of hits.

A total of 25 members took part. Most were clothes which featured variations of red, white and blue.

They enjoyed a picnic after the shoot at their summer venue of the Arun Leisure Centre in Felpham.

The club, which was formed more than 20 years ago, is one of the largest in West Sussex. It meets at the Arena Sports Centre off Westloats Lane in the winter.